29th November 2023

I have been using Certo Liquid Pectin for 20 years. I live in the UK and understand that the product sold in USA, Canada and elsewhere is a different product and supported by Kraft Foods USA. 

Having had completely repeatable results with the UK product I can be classed as one of your regular customers. It is so helpful to buy it using the shop in this website.

Here’s to another 20 years of successful Jam making using Certo UK’s Pectin product !

John McCabe


10th October 2022

Having recently semi-retired I have been looking at things to keep me occupied ! Also mindful that we need to keep an eye on the cost of living and the current cost of food. I am very lucky to have a couple of apple trees in my garden which each year bare a large number of apples. Disgracefully in years past, we have picked the fallen apples up and thrown them away. I have tried making jam before using strawberries and it has disappointingly never set. Having found Certo on line we bought 6 of the 250ml bottles and when it promptly arrived we set about trying it. What can I say, we have had the most fantastic consistent results ! No more sludgy jam ! Every set has worked perfectly. Having worked my way through the initial six bottles I am just ordering a pack of 24 bottles…Its amazing how popular I have become with my various home made jams and jellies !

Many thanks for a excellent product !


9th July 2015


I have used Certo ever since I started making jams and jellies when I first attended the University of Waterloo, Ontario, in the late seventies. I moved back to England, home of my birth, in 1984 and got back to jamming in early 1992 as, after I had my second son , I had time and cute little baby food jars on my hands. Glass recycling was then a thing of the future. I bought a book on preserving for 25 pence- 50 cents at the time, costed the ingredients and started by making Seville marmalade, with Certo, of course! My marmalade became a real favourite with friends and family. I progressed onto strawberry and blackberry jam with fruit picked from farms and hedgerows and again shared the results of my efforts. Soon I became inundated with lovely, clean jars delivered by smiling pals who hoped to have one or two returned full.

I have made thousands of jars of jam, jelly and especially marmalade over the years- always using Certo and your recipes because the results are consistently excellent. Now I have a small Bed and Breakfast business at home and guests love my homemade preserves, especially my marmalade. Overseas guests often buy a jar or two to take back as a memento of their travels. I, and you, should take that as a real compliment. When asked, I always tell people I use Certo.

I write this now as a batch of apricot jam is cooling, waiting to be bottled and put in the cupboard with the 22 lbs. of strawberry jam I made earlier this week and the 18 litres, yes litres, of marmalade I made in January. (I ran out of marmalade last November and was not going to let that happen again.)

If you could send a loyal customer any coupons or vouchers, that would be lovely, but I wanted to let you know how much I valued your product.

Helen Chiasson

PS Love the new look website.

20th May 2015

Thank you to Joanna for this amazing poem!

Certo pectin is one of a kind
The likes of which are hard to find
Not for me the cheap imitation
I like quality on every occasion!

Certo Pectin makes your jam set
Oh how clever – no failures yet!
No need to shout, no need to exclaim
Certo is awesome – remember the name!

11th March 2015

Paddington the movie prompts surge in Certo sales!

Sales of liquid pectin – the gelling agent in fruit jam – are massively up, with manufacturers pointing to Paddington bear as inspiring a homemade marmalade movement.

Make your own Marmalade – Seville Orange Marmalade

seville marmalade

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