Where To Buy

Certo is stocked extensively throughout the UK.

Available in most major supermarket chains including:






Certo is also available in larger quantities for independent retailers and small commercial jam makers from wholesalers:

Certo is distributed across the UK into supermarkets and wholesalers by RH Amar. We have been advised by RH Amar that the wholesaler Bookers is not currently stocking Certo. There is no shortage of Certo in the supply chain, so we ask customers who usually purchase from Bookers, and who are having an issue with sourcing Certo to either contact info@rhamar.com or  info@certo.co.uk and we will be able to organise a convenient alternative source of supply.


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Overseas? Lakeland will ship Certo to you at reasonable rates.

Certo is also frequently stocked in:

  • Local grocers
  • Health stores
  • Speciality shops
  • “Pick your own” outlets